Balloon Garlands 

Our Balloon Garlands can be used inside or outside and made to any length, shape, and colour you wish!

They're heaps of fun because they have volume, colour and real impact!   The garlands are also long-lasting.  They look beautiful for another week, and some people say they've lasted up to a month. 

During Quarantine, we've been delivering garlands and setting them up at front doors as a SURPRISE, or delivering into garages so other family members can set them up inside.  Of course, if we set up outside, we suggest you eventually bring them inside so the balloons last longer and the fun continues!

They are also the perfect add-on to our Quarantine Sleepover Package.

Our balloon garlands start from $60 per meter for standard latex balloon colours.  Our standard "doorway size" is 4.5 m and we do that at a discounted rate of $220.

FREE delivery for South Eastern Melbourne Suburbs.  We can quote delivery for any other suburb and have  discounted rates during COVID-19.

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